Scent Descriptions

Scent Descriptions:


The true essence of sitting by a cozy fire. Familiar and distinctive; this scent melds notes of smoke and wood into a warm union of clove, amber and sandalwood.

Top: Cedar wood, Saffron
Middle: Sandalwood, Embers, Leather, Clove
Base: Smoke, Patchouli, Rich Amber

Mahogany Teakwood:

Cedar wood and oak wood intertwine with warm mahogany and hints of clean lavender & geranium in this fresh yet woodsy scent.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including grapefruit, lemon, orange, and patchouli.

Top – fresh lavender, geranium
Middle – warm mahogany
Bottom – earthy wood


Inspired by "wintertime" aromas of mild citrus, earthy undercurrents, and a woody, fir balsam core. Cozy and comforting, the winter candle is perfect for setting the right ambience for a quiet cozy evening by the fire.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including fir balsam.

Top: Lemon Peel, Cypress
Middle: Evergreen, Cedar
Base: Fir, Amber, Moss

Black Amber + French Lavender:

Exotic amber and elegant French lavender create the heart of this rich and comforting fragrance. Hints of tonka bean and myrrh conform to add sophistication, creating the ideal balance of soft lavender and warm earthy notes.

Top – french lavender, dark amber
Middle – tonka bean, myrrh
Bottom –light musk, sage

Fig Leaf Jasmine:

This scent elevates any space with it's intricate fusion of woody and floral aromas. Hints of sweet freesia and ozone open up to sun-ripened fig surrounded by light jasmine, cherry blossom, and geranium. Notes of green leaves, bamboo, and moss add a lush, green quality that’s balanced by nuances of patchouli and saffron.

Top: Freesia, Ozone
Middle: Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, Green Leaves, Geranium, Fig
Base: Patchouli, Moss, Wood, Bamboo, Powder

Cardamom Suede:

Cardamom & Suede evokes an atmosphere of relaxing with an after-dinner cordial in an old fashioned room with worn - soft leather chairs. With warm notes of cardamom and amyris this candle has a unique earthiness that captures your imagination.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood, patchouli, labdanum, pine, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cassia, and orange.

Top: Cardamom, Leather, Cinnamon, Orange Peel
Middle: Nutmeg, Amyris, Smoke
Base: Clove, Black Tea

Balsam Fir:

All the favorite tree & woodsy aromas of the season are combined in this candle. Balsam Fir is a refreshing, outdoor woodsy blend with pine notes dominating on a base of light cedar and warm musk. A classic winter fragrance for your home.

Top – pine, balsam, evergreen
Middle – woods, amber & fir
Bottom - light cedar, warm musk

Blue Spruce:

Like a hike in the woods, the aromas of pine, spruce, spearmint & cedar truly capture a strong & enchanting winter forest scent.

The fragrance oil used is infused with natural essential oils, including cedar wood and pine.

Top: Spruce, Pine
Middle: Spearmint, Cypress, Moss, Cinnamon
Base: Cedar, Woods

Tobacco + Bay Leaf:

This fresh & inviting unisex fragrance has refreshing citrus notes followed by exotic florals drying to a delicate background of sandalwood, cedar and warm musk.


Top – citrus, bergamot, bay leaf
Middle –exotic florals, fresh tobacco
Bottom - cedar, sandalwood, warm musk

White Tea + Jasmine:

The ultimate, luxurious spa-like fragrance that starts with fresh citrusy top notes of mandarin and bergamot along with herbal spices that blend beautifully with delicate jasmine blossoms. Chrysanthemum petals and white tea buds round out the base of this exquisite fragrance.

Infused with natural essential oils, including bergamot, celery seed, ginger, jasmine, lemon, mandarin, nutmeg, orange, origanum, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin
Middle: Thyme, Jasmine, Ginger
Base: White Tea, Chrysanthemum


Brûlée has a warm aroma without being too sweet; it draws you in with it's notes of Caramelized Sugar, Nutmeg and Custard that's reminiscent of enjoying creme brûlée in a french bakery.

Top: Cream, Caramelized Sugar
Middle: Molasses, Nutmeg, Clove
Base: Vanilla, Custard, Tonka Bean


A versatile & modern fragrance with wide appeal, thanks to the alluring balance of tart and sweet. Red currant and zesty lemon peel combine with airy ozone before giving way to a botanical heart of juniper and geranium. Black currant in the base reinforces the tart freshness of this year-round scent.
Infused with natural essential oils, including lemongrass, fir needle, orange, geranium, and peppermint.

Top: Red Currant, Lemon Peel, Ozone
Middle: Geranium, Juniper
Base: Black Currant

Sea Flower + Driftwood:

A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty, woody highlights. Crisp ozonic notes of sea salt & calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean. A great aromatherapy or spa-like candle.

The fragrance oil used is infused with natural essential oils, including orange oil & cedarwood, .

Top: Sea Salt, Ozone
Middle: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves, Cedar
Base: Wood, Tonka Bean, Dark Musk

Rosemary + Sea Salt:

A combination of fresh herbal & aquatic notes makes this a clean aromatherapy style candle; with notes of rosemary, earthy sage, eucalyptus & sea salt and a soft woodsy base.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including fir needle, eucalyptus, orange, and cedar leaf.


Top: Rosemary, Sea Salt
Middle: Sage, Eucalyptus, Pine
Base: Sea Moss, Driftwood, Cedar

French Linen:

A luxurious sun-bleached linen wrapped in lemon and white tea infusions. Aromas of linen and lily of the valley enhance the clean sweetness, while sandalwood and vanilla balance the airy, ozonic quality of this fragrance.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli.

Note Profile:
Top: Ozone, Lemon, White Tea
Middle: Linen, Lily of the Valley
Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ozone


Lemons and cane sugar with a hint of lemon zest combine in this bright citrus candle inspired by Italy's beloved Limoncello.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including citronella, lemon and orange.

Top: Lemon
Middle: Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Sugar
Base: Vanilla


Reminiscent of a cozy coffee shop; the warmth of fresh brewed coffee makes this candle a comforting, familiar fragrance. Top notes of just-ground coffee beans start this scent off strong, while a touch of sugar and cream add the perfect amount of sweetness.

Top: Coffee
Middle: Sugar
Base: Cream, Coffee

The Woodsmen:

A cozy aroma with crisp forest greens, warm spices & smoked woods create a layer of pure comfort and peace. Nostalgic of being in a cabin in the woods sitting in front of a warm fire.

Top - fir needles, smoked woods
Middle - clove, peppercorn, herbal, cedarwood, burnt marshmallow
Bottom - patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musks, moss

Signature "Circa 1789":

Our signature scent that is loved by many & named after the year our farm was founded. A great year round candle that has an intoxicating woodsy aroma with a twist; mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood & vanilla.

Top – lemon-lime
Middle – coconut, woods
Bottom – vanilla, sandalwood, musk

Vanilla Chai:

The aroma is warm & inviting, like being in a coffee shop sipping a Chai Tea. The notes of black tea, cinnamon, sweet vanilla and the warmth of the beeswax pair well together.

Infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, clove bud, and orange oil.

Top: Cream, Cinnamon Spice
Middle: Black tea, Orange Peel, Cardamon
Base: Vanilla, Coffee Bean

Amber Blackberry Fig:

A rich, captivating & sensual fragrance that begins with light traces of apple, luscious dark fruits of black currants, blackberries & fig. Warm base notes of amber surround you in this sophisticated cocktail of a scent. This complex scent brings a pleasing, comforting, upscale character to wherever it’s used.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood.

Top: Blackberry, Light Apple
Middle: Black Currant, Fig, Vanilla
Base: Amber

Bergamot + Honey:

A complex blend of black currant, bergamot, honey, enchanting floral overtones and black tea with a base of soft sandalwood.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Cedarwood and Vetiver.

Top: Bergamot, Black Tea, Honey
Middle: Black Currant, Jasmine, Almond
Base: Vanilla, Light Musk, Sandalwood

Grandma's Cookies:

Nostalgic of holiday baking, this candle is bursting with notes of warm sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar & nutmeg; like something sweet is in grandma's oven.

Top –cinnamon, warm sugar, brown sugar
Middle – molasses, raisin
Bottom - butter, nutmeg, vanilla

Sleigh Ride:

Enjoy a sleigh ride in the snow with frosted covered leaves and the aroma of pine & enchanting spice in the air. If you enjoyed our best selling Autumn Leaves Candle this past fall you will love Sleigh Ride for the winter season; you will find some of the same notes with an added pine & cypress essence.

Top – cedar Leaf, spiced fruit
Middle – crisp pine, floral melange
Bottom - Cypress, Eucalyptus

Winter Night:

An intoxicating blend of fresh evergreens, deep red berries, camphor & crisp winter air; along side warm spices, this scent is a cozy one of comfort and peace.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including eucalyptus, fir needle, lemon, cedar leaf, clove leaf, and galbanum.

Top: Ozone, Camphor, Citrus
Middle: Pine, Red Currant, Berry, Pear, Cherry Blossom
Base: Juniper, Sage, Sandalwood, Clove